Using Sage 50? Latest release introduces some important changes

Sage 50 Accounting recently announced some changes in light of their October 2013 release that will likely have implications for all users of the software. Note that in order to take advantage of the new release, you will need to have installed the Product Update 2013.3 released in June.

First, users will be offered more frequent product releases.  There will be three: October, December and June. These releases may include new products, product enhancements or issue resolution. The December and June releases will have payroll updates as before. And make sure that your Business Care subscription is current, otherwise these releases won’t be made available to you.

If you are upgrading from Sage 50 2013 Release 3, you subscribe to Sage Business Care and are online, product updates will automatically download while you work. You no longer need to enter a key code or serial number to update, and the file sizes are also smaller to make for a faster process.

The company has also updated their Sage 50 Accounting database to MYSQL 5.6.10, with the promise of providing increased stability and peace of mind as you grow your business.

The October release introduces a new technology, Sage Advisor, which is meant to help users better utilize the software. You will receive brief messages and guidance relevant to your actions within Sage 50, and you can control their frequency via the customer interface.

Finally, new monthly subscription pricing options are available, rather than the standard annual purchase of the software.

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