Evaluation engagements

PEI Business Women's Association (PEIBWA) 'Women on Track' mentoring project

MRSB Consulting Services has been engaged by PEIBWA to provide monitoring and evaluation services for a 30-month Status of Women Canada project entitled, Positioning Women for Success. PEIBWA is piloting this Island-wide mentoring project, which has a specific focus on enhancing the business skills of women in rural locales. MRSB is providing  services for an objective evaluation of the pilot program, including the development of a logic model, evaluation tools and methodology, administration of participant surveys, stakeholder interviews and focus groups, as well as the preparation of interim and final evaluation reports.

PEI 2014 project

Our team has been engaged to develop and implement the evaluation program during and after the 2014 year of celebrations around the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference in Prince Edward Island's capital city. This project entails working with the PEI 2014 Research Committee and conducting the overall evaluation of this project. MRSB's responsibilities include overall project management, design of the overall evaluation framework, development of evaluation tools, integrated data analysis and delivering the final evaluation report.

2012/2015 Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership (ACTP)

MRSB was engaged by the ACTP Secretariat to conduct annual reviews and prepare a final project evaluation for the three-year project with the goals of marketing Atlantic Canada as a preferred pleasure travel destination in targeted consumer and travel trade markets, facilitate the continued growth of the tourism industry in Atlantic Canada through a coordinated approach to the marketing of Atlantic Canada in target international markets, and to undertake initiatives that will increase the market readiness and competitiveness of the tourism industry in Atlantic Canada. Project objectives included conducting annual reviews of the goals and objectives of the ACTP and determining relevance of the marketing strategies and activities implemented by the Secretariat; measuring the annual impact of the ACTP project in contributing to the growth of the tourism and hospitality sectors in Atlantic Canada through a systematic investigation of the net worth or merit of individual marketing projects and activities; conducting annual qualitative and quantitative assessments on impact of the ACTP’s marketing strategies and activities on growth of the tourism industry in Atlantic Canada; and conducting a final qualitative and quantitative assessment on the benefits derived from the ACTP project and the impact of the three-year ACTP project (in the final year of the project).

Trade Essentials Project - Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning

During this engagement our team conducted both a formative and summative evaluation of this three-year pilot project. Methodology included development of a logic model, establishment of baseline data through interviews and document review, formative evaluation (including document review, interviews, surveys and questionnaires with target participants, staff and employers) and a summative evaluation, which included document review, interviews and focus groups. There were two phases to this engagement involving individuals from across Prince Edward Island; Phase I included a pilot group of 12 - 25 individuals, while Phase II involved between 75 and 100 people. The project resulted in the improvement of essential skills, including technical reading, document use and math for the majority of the project participants, as well as increased success in the Red Seal exam.

Gas Tax Fund program - Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Our team has been engaged in a five-year project with the PEI Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to evaluate the outcomes of the Gas Tax Program. The Gas Tax Fund seeks to help communities build and revitalize their public infrastructure that supports national objectives of productivity and economic growth, a clean environment and strong cities and communities. This project entails collection and interpretation of data related to Gas Tax outcomes/measures/indicators for the Permanent Gas Tax Fund 2014-2019, as related to 16 different project types under this fund: local roads and bridges and highways, regional and local airports, broadband connectivity, public transit, drinking water, wastewater, solid waste, community energy systems, brownfield redevelopment, short sea shipping, sport infrastructure, recreational infrastructure, cultural infrastructure, tourism infrastructure, disaster mitigation infrastructure, and capacity building. This engagement entails completion of outcomes reports for each fiscal year of the Gas Tax Program that report in aggregate on the degree to which investments are supporting the progress in the Province towards achieving the desired program benefits and objectives. The outcomes reports present measures/indicator data and a narrative on how each program benefit is being met. The project also entails preparation of an outcomes and measurables/benefits roll-up report on the Gas Tax Funds spent by recipients by March 31, 2018.