Business Planning & Entrepreneurship

Starting a business and need knowledgeable advice? Industry leader looking to explore a new direction? Whatever the challenge or opportunity, our consultants can partner with you on critical aspects of the business planning phase, allowing you to reach new levels of success.

Stepping in where and when you need us, our team provides solid business advice and plans that allow entrepreneurs and company stakeholders to take decisive action. Bringing past experience to each new engagement, our consultants are experts in developing - and assisting in your development of - innovative business strategies that help you achieve in today's highly competitive climate. 

Many entrepreneurs are tempted to follow a simple business plan template or outline to present their business goals. We believe that developing your business plan should be a strategic, cooperative process that takes into account the past, present and future of your organization, while considering the external environment and its impact on your organization's future. We can help you create a business plan that takes all of this into account and sets you on a positive course of action.

Since MRSB Consulting Service's inception we have completed over 500 business plans for clients in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Atlantic Canada and internationally in a number of economic sectors.

Part of planning for the future of your business is connecting with like-minded organizations to promote ideas and achieve your goals through mutually beneficial partnerships. We are proud to have helped many entrepreneurs connect with post-secondary educational institutions, research organizations and international business contacts. Our strong network has helped forge many successful business relationships.

Strategic Objectives


MRSB Consulting Services is committed to helping you achieve performance and operational improvements, a competitive advantage and heightened profitabillity. Our business plans meet the following objectives:

  • Depict business opportunities
  • Demonstrate your existing competitive advantages
  • Reflect market research and a customized marketing strategy
  • Describe management team capabilities
  • Identify key success drivers and hurdles
  • Provide an investment strategy
  • Develop a plan for maximizing technological advantages
  • Tap into new partnership and collaboration opportunities
  • Engage your entire team in supporting and implementing the business plan


We will gain a solid understanding of what success looks like for you and your organization. Speak to a member of our Consulting Services team to find out more about our services.